I really thought long and hard about what to do when it came to ranting about work and having a “private” place to blog. A lot of people suggested LJ but there are a few reasons I don’t want to use LJ. One being that I really don’t LIKE LJ and the only reason I have an account is to comment, read other blogs. The other is because I don’t want to call attention to other blogs. That’s vague. But the people will know what I mean if it applies to them. 😉

I recently started seeing people handing out and asking for Vox accounts so I decided to check it out. But instead of asking for one, I just applied directly through the site and figured if I got an email, then it was meant to be.

So my accout is all set up as well as one for Cassidy and just starting out, I can see why it’s become so polular so fast. Unlike other networking sites like MySpace, you can’t go all out with customization. Some people see that as a drawback but I see it as an absolute plus. No blinkies, no horrid music accosting you when you check out a profile, you don’t have to get up and find something to do while the page loads, no lime green text on lemon yellow blinking backgrounds that cause your eyes to spontaneously combust into little balls of firey pain… Really, I could go on and on and on.

It has other cool features like the ability to import pictures directly from your flickr account using a little app.

anyway, check it out. Everybody’s doing it. Don’t be left out! In an attempt to help your coolness factor rise, I have five invites to hand out. So, if you want one, let me know!

7 thoughts on “Vox

  1. HMMM Vox sounds cool, Can i get one of those invites? I wonder if it will be like gmail and later down the road give you more invites- i give those invites out like crazy and i still have 100 of them!

  2. Vox is run by sixapart. The same company that earlier this year took over LJ. I still. Hate. LJ.

    Also, My gravitar is outdated. I never play the druid anymore.

  3. Okay, I invited both of you using the email address that you use when commenting here. I only got two when I signed up and gave one to Julie and used the other for Cassidy. She then got FIVE so they actually came from her account. 😉

    YAY! My neighborhood will grow!!

  4. I was wondering what Vox was so I guess I’ll check out yours first!

    So the whole blinkie deal with myspace gets on my nerves because they flat kill your computer on some pages. People just have no clue when to stop with the graphics.

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