Introducing: Hans Stuck

The newest member of our family. Hans Stuck can do Nurburgring in 7:07. You are jealous. We have the fastest cat EVER! The cuteness is too much for words so visuals will have to do.

Hans Stuck

The rest can always be seen in his flickr set.

4 thoughts on “Introducing: Hans Stuck

  1. AWwww-ie! So cute! Sooo cute. Adorably cute. So cute that I must, say, kawaiI~! I love cats, especially kittens, and he just looks so cuddly and fiesty, at the same time (boy, is that an oxymoron for ya!)

  2. aww.. sweet cat 🙂
    i wish my cat was a kitten again so i could take more pics of her 😛 now she’s all grown up and doesnt want pics.. hahahaha

  3. Oh I so want a kitty cat. Damn husband and his damn allergies. I’m going to go look at your photos and be jealous of you.

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