Monday Rant: Girl Gamers.

Women gain prominence in video game world

Beyond these stereotypical male fantasies, women were all but absent from the billion-dollar gaming industry. But that’s changing, thanks to a core female gamers who are increasing women’s visibility and influence.

I really hate articles like this for a couple of reasons.

One being the same reason I saw Danika Patrick get pissy with an interviewer the other day when he asked her how it felt to be a girl in a male dominated sport. Her answer was somewhere along the lines of, “I’m a female. I drive the car. They are men. They drive the cars. If that’s the extent of the questions you are going to be asking, we are wasting our time.” I had to laugh a little. (But at the same time, I think it’s a little hypocritical of her to be doing a feminine deodorant commercial where they play up the fact that she’s beating little boys at a racing game. If you are going to capitalize on the stereotype, don’t then get pissed when a reporter asks you about it.)

Anyway, so they are girls and they play *gasp* video games. Big deal. They just want to be “accepted like the boys” yet they will tout the fact that they are GIRL gamers every chance they get. Or simply to get SOME publicity. Don’t ASK to be equal with the boys, then play up the fact that you are girls.

The other reason it upsets me is because I can name off a slew of female gamers that have been doing so for at least the last 10 years… when these girls were still in middle school. But you know, they are totally setting the bar. They are guiding the way for little girls all across America… Whatever.

And P.S. girls, Microsoft didn’t pick you to demo games because you are girl gamers and leading the way for more girl gamers, they picked you to get more of the predominant 9 – 35 year old MALE demographic to spend more time in the booth. Bill Gates isn’t the richest bastard on Earth because he’s stupid. He knows how to cater to an audience. He’s a goddamn marketing genius and you were just another pawn to increase sales.

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2 thoughts on “Monday Rant: Girl Gamers.

  1. Yeah, it’s stupid.

    And for the record I take credit for Cassidy being into gaming since I spent most of my pregnancy playing massive amounts of UT and Quake3.

    She didn’t need some corporate sponsored GamerGirlâ„¢ to get her into it. Blech.

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