Because people have asked how the whole “girlfriend” thing happened. Here it is in chat logs.

I messaged Ben as I was walking in the house from the mailbox. I didn’t know if I should laugh or THROW UP.

[15:10] Anna (tmobile): Oh… My… God.
[15:11] Anna (tmobile): One of the little BOYS(!!!!) that cassidy was playing with Monday…
[15:11] Anna (tmobile): Left a LOVE NOTE in the mailbox for her.
[15:11] Anna (tmobile): He called her his GIRLFRIEND!!
[15:12] Anna (tmobile): And drew a picture of her wearing the outfit she was wearing !!!
[15:12] Anna (tmobile): I’m locking her in her room.
[15:12] Anna (tmobile): She is never allowed outside again.
[15:13] Anna (tmobile): Also… Googling “chastity belt”

He wrote her a little letter telling her that he thinks she is “nice and fun and cute too”. And that she is his 18TH GIRLFRIEND!! Then he drew a picture on the back of her in what she was wearing the day they first played together. Complete with butterfly’s and flowers. On the envelope he painted a heart with wings. I have to assume is mom helped with this because it was really well done. I’d POST PICTURES if she’d let me anywhere near the damn thing. But after last night she won’t even let me TOUCH it. heh

Last night when I asked her if I could show the note to Ben…

Her: MOooOOOOM!!
Me: What?!
Her: I don’t want to show it to Ben.
Me: Why?
Her: Because he’ll make fun of me and be like “You LIKE him” and I don’t LIKE him like that. Just as a friend.
Me: He won’t make fun of you!
Her: Yes he will!!
Me: Okay, fine.

*quiet for a second*

Me: Can I take a picture of it and post it on the internet?
Her: NO! MOM!
Me: Nobody READS the INTERNET, Cassidy!!
Her: *glare*
Me: FINE! OKAY! No internet.

*quiet for a second*

Me: So, are you going to tell him that you don’t like him ‘like that’?
Her: I don’t know.
Me: That will probably hurt his feelings… So just tell him that your mom said you aren’t allowed to have a boyfriend till you are 25.
Her: *rolls eyes* Okay.

Walking into Tace Bell later talking about school.

Me: So, does Nathan go to your school?
Her: Do we HAVE to talk about this right now?!?!
Me: Well, I think that when a BOY(!!) is calling you his GIRLFRIEND that we need to talk about it Cassidy, yes!
Her: He’s NOT my boyfriend!! I’m NOT his girlfriend!! No dating till 25, I GET IT MOM!!
Me: OooooKAY!!

I’m pretty sure it’s in her backpack but we had a really busy night last night. We came home from work/school, got homework done, packed a bag, got Ben off to Bakersfield for his track day today, grabbed some quick food then headed to the X-Men preview. (It sucked :() Then I took her to my moms so she could take her to school today because Ben was out of town. SO! I didn’t get a chance to look for it. But you can bet that once I do, there will be pictures. There’s just no way I can’t save this to totally embarrass her when she’s 16!! 😉

Still don’t didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. So I’ve just been dealing with it by having a small nervous breakdown. heh

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