Wonderful Surprise.

What a wonderful weekend. Wonder. Full.

Before I do anything else I need to thank Ben. For a beautiful ocean view, for an awsome massage that left me feeling weightless, for the magnificent weather Saturday, for driving the entire trip, for waking up to the sound of waves crashing on the shore, for lounging in the hot tub while the cool rain sprinkled down… The list goes on and on and on. But I’m most thankful for the thought. For romancing me. I could not have asked for more. It was perfect. Thank you.

I’m not going to go into great detail about the trip here because I kinda want to keep it magical and private. I want to remember it as ‘our time’ and ours alone. The surprise, the romance, the smile… they all haven’t worn off yet.

What I will tell you is the part when I made an ass of myself before the trip. Twice. There were probably more times but there are two particular people who must love me very much to have put up with me while Ben prepared for this.

First my mom, who love me despite my sarcastic humor. Hopefully.

Thursday night Ben picked up my phone and told me that I had missed a call from my mom and had a voice mail. But I was tired and told him I’d call her back in the morning. Then the next day he messaged me very early:

Ben: what did your mom want?
Me: I dunno.
Ben: She called me too. It might be important.
Me: I left her a message. She hasn’t called back yet.

I should have found this in itself odd. Had it been important there would have been an voice mail on BOTH of our phones that said it was important. And also, I should have realized that Ben would have told me THAT NIGHT if she had called him too. But I’m blond and gullible. heh

When she finally called me back:

Mom: I wanted to know if I could have Cassidy this weekend. I’ll be at Lincoln’s the next weekend so I wanted to spend some time with her.
Me: Oh, I see. You called because you missed HER and want to spend time with HER.
Mom: Well, I won’t be here the next weekend!
Me: But she spent the night at your house last weekend!
Mom: Well, as soon as I get back from your brothers we can go have dinner or go shopping or something.
Me: No, it’s okay. I understand how it is. She’s the granddaughter. I’m just the daughter. I understand that she trumps me on all accounts. Plus, she’s girly and you can make her wear dresses and she LIKES it and I’ll never be… that.
Mom: Anna.
Me: HA! HA! Kidding, I’ll bring her by Saturday morning.
Mom: You are not my child.
Me: I am. And you love me.

I felt bad for laying that on her even though she knew I was kidding. SHE KNEW the plan and I didn’t!! She and Cassidy ended up having a lot of fun. Nana bought her a set of gardening tools and gloves of her very own then put her to work replanting everything on her back patio. Planting is Cassidy’s new Passion of the Monthâ„¢. She’s claimed a spot in the back yard where I told her she can plant whatever she wants and spends about an hour everyday after work looking for seeds on the ground all around the house. Tonight I we’ll plant the herbs my dad and Cherie sent me and the Bougainvillea that my mommy got me for Mother’s Day. Pretty!!

The OTHER person is Jason. Who loves me despite me being a whiny ass.

Friday while at dinner at Benihana’s for Vanessa’s birthday I said to him:

Me: So, you’re coming to the autocross tomorrow right?
Jason: Well, no. I have to work on the track car.
Me: But it’s my first autocross in the M3!! Work on it on Sunday!
Jason: I have the DeAnza autocross Sunday.
Me: Come to the Marina autocross Saturday and work on the track car on sunday.
Jason: Well… *hesitates for a second* I already paid for DeAnza.
Me: Oh. *puts on pouty face*

I probably mentioned it 15 times to him before we went home. I formally give permission for Jason to give me a swift kick in the ass next time I see him. But!!! HE KNEW and about the plan and I didn’t!

Other people that knew: Ivan, Chris, Guillermo, Stuart, Marco, Jeff, Melissa… there might be more! I can’t believe all those people knew and I had NO IDEA. None. Not a single clue.

Well played, Ben. Very will played.

So yeah, the weekend was a fantastic surprise. And as if all that wasn’t enough, Ben came home and helped me clean the living room and kitchen and scrubbed our shower. And that ends the debate for good. I really do have the best boyfriend ever.

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  2. One swift kick in the ass coming right up 😀 I’m just glad the two of you had a good time. You deserve it!

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