Butt Cam

Butt cam.

As Ben and I were walking through the aisle at the fabric store, I turned suddenly and heard the SideKick2 cam click from my back pocket. I was hoping that Ben didn’t hear it because knowing how much he makes fun of me for taking SO MANY PICTIRES EVERY DAY WITH THE PICTURES ALL THE TIME that he’d have fun with it for sure… But he started laughing right away and said, “You have to blog that”.

I’ve had a bit of Blogger’s Block. I’ve started at least half a dozen posts but the words don’t come out right and I start to ramble and get lost as paragraphs change direction and lead to nowhere. I’m sure it’s temporary. I really miss it, though. Feedback, creative expression, freedom. I dunno.

I hope everybody had a nice Mommy Day. We had breakfast at my favorite place with my mom then went shopping at MAC then came home and Cassidy and I planted. My dad sent me some seeds, plus I’d had some that I’d been wanting to plant, and Cassidy bought me a Gerber Daisy I wanted to get into the ground. Pretty soon the fence area in the front yard is going to be very colorful.

3 thoughts on “Butt Cam

  1. Well, I’m usually pretty good about locking the phone whenever I’m done but I was shopping so there were more improtant things to pay attention to at the time. 😉

  2. I found the butt-knee from a webcam with a horrid refresh rate on my 486… It took my brother and i a good 10 minutes till we figured out it was my knee..

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