The Aftermath.

Shortly after I wrote that last post Ben came home and he, Cassidy, and I shared some leftovers from the night before at Bucca De Bepos. My only logical conclusion at this point is that Karma REALLY didn’t like that post and decided to pay me back. X30237432

We ate dinner at about 7:00PM. By 9:00PM I was on the couch begging the world to stop moving and trying with all my might to hold back the eventual violent explosion from both ends of my body. We all ate the same things from the same food containers, but for some reason I got SO VERY VERY ill.

By 10:00PM I’d already thrown up at least twice and these visits were followed and proceeded by bathroom trips that I’m sure the people who live three streets over felt with substantial force. At 3:30AM I called the boss and left a message saying I would not be in the that day. At about 9:00AM I threw up for the last time… almost 12 hours later. Then I passed out. Getting up just long enough to get Cassidy from school, two drinks from Jamba Juice, sinus medicine at Walgreens, and drive home. And then fell asleep again. Till Ben got home. Then when he walked over to the chiropractor I fell asleep AGAIN.

My body is still weak. My bottom end is still “expelling” some of the poison. And I never want to eat any food again AS LONG AS I LIVE.

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  1. I totally feel your pain! I am the exact same way, I can eat the same thing as everyone else and they will all be fine and I will be spewing my guts out both ends for the next day, It sucks and I hate IT!

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