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I’m not dead. I’ve been swamped at work. Cassidy has had a lot of homework. Ben and I have been kinda wrapped up in a “project” that some of you already know about and others will soon. Friday possibly. Saturday for sure.

Since I feel kinda bad for slacking on the posting but I don’t really have anything fantastic or even worth reading to say I’m just going to link bomb you instead:

Go visit this site that Tracy found. The Best Buy and Cell Phone Symphony stunts are especially funny.

Then go visit Jason’s flickr. He has the camera that I dream of at night and has uploaded some of his shots. Every one of them is fantastic.

So, May 1st was a busy day. It was the three year mark from the end of “major combat” in Iraq. 140 American Troops died during “major combat”. 2266 have died since. (Source). I’m not going to get into my views on the war right now except to say that I’m proud of our troops, but not of this war. And I look forward to the day that that number stops increasing.

It was also The Day Without Immigrants. I think that it should have been called An Extra Day Off For Illegal Immigrants That Didn’t Seem To Do Much Good.

Basically, May 1st was a day for the rest of the World to point and laugh at America.

And in that spirit, I thought you might all want to laugh along with them. (I had to look all over for a site that still had that video up!)

P.S. – I *heart* Stephen Colbert.

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