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I had a bit too much coffee to drink this morning and realized it had been awhile since I’d taken a vanity shot. I guess I got kinda bored of them for a bit. Or maybe bored of ME? I tried to make a cute face. Then I remembered it was 6:00AM. Then I tried to make a smoochy face. But that’s never been my “thing” and my ‘smoochy face’ looks more like ‘trout face’. Then I tried cute and hand gestures. That just looked stupid because I don’t to peace signs, I do middle fingers. Then I got tired of trying and went for “total moron”. And whadda you know? We have a winner!!

A few minutes after I sent it to the flickr and textamerica accounts, I got this email:

Click here for a full-sized image
Hello… This is a little note to let you know that you’ve been selected as an editors pick for your moblog named “Sidekick Love”. You may view it on the front page of textamerica.com.

Apparently, the editors at textamerica are blind.

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