Spam is whack, kids.

The comments are getting spammed like a mofo. 200+ yesterday, 70+ today. It seems as if every once in awhile some spambot comes around and starts hitting all the posts in pretty much sequential order. It’s now on this post from November of last year so hopefully the bastard will go away soon. If you post something and it gets deleted in the mess I’m very, very, very, very sorry. You should only be moderated the first comment you make anyway unless you use a new email addy.

Traci, I found your comment. It was #74 from yesterday’s mess. It’s there now. : )

I’m happy to report that I’ve only itched about 10 times today and it was only during a stressful conversation. I am officially on the road to recovery. So, if you are here from some search engine ‘hives are teh suck’ hit or something, push away from the computer and RUN to the nearest doctor for some Prednizone.

Also, something totally bloggable happened at work today that would have made you all laugh and would have proved my “kinda bitchy-ness” but I’m really skeptical about posting work stuff here anymore in the off chance somebody would happen to stumble across it. Ben and I kinda broached this topic at dinner last night and really, the job/pay/free health benefits are more important to me than making you all laugh. So, till I find some more convenient way to post them, you’ll just have to believe me when I tell you how fun it is to work with 350 retarded monkeys women. heh

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  1. Thats Awesome that you fixed it, now you just reminded me that i have to go update my live journal haha. I need to post about my first ever trip to Northern califonia

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