Kinda bitchy

It has recently come to my attention that I come across as “kinda bitchy” online. I’d like to clear this up…

I come across as “kinda bitchy” online, offline, and any region in between. Telling me this is not likely to change that but since it’s been addressed I’ll now clear it up for anybody that might choose to whine about it in the future.

You can choose to deal with a girl who has an opinion or an answer to a question or a FUCKING CLUE in two ways. You can be one of the girls I tend to not associate with that just sits back and slings mud and cries and creates undue drama* (SEE: If you’ve ever been called an Attention Whore you probably fall into this category). Or, you can accept the girl for what she is, an assertive girl who knows more than a lot of guys about cars and computers and isn’t afraid to voice an opinion or let herself be heard.

This is not to say that my opinion or answer is always the right one (although it is more than it isn’t HA!). But if you can’t take or handle criticism, or knowing that if I don’t agree with you I’m going to let you know that then your best bet would be to climb back under that rock from which you came.

By the way, the Prednazone worked. So expect me to be back to my regularly posting, bitchy self as of… NOW!!

*This is not to say that I don’t have fun watching/partaking in drama. Especially E-drama. Watching girls (or guys as the case may be but they are not NEARLY as catty) piss all over themselves over a blog post, or a forum post is too fun to not pay attention to.

2 thoughts on “Kinda bitchy

  1. I have never thought of you as bitchy, your normal like all of us and you have a opinion and you voice it, something more people should do once in a while.

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