Have you heard enough about the site yet?

Less fat. Less filling.

The new layout is up. TADA! The about section is empty. Meh. That has always been my most challenging section. Write about myself? In proper sentences and complete thoughts? Suuuure.

It’ll get up. Give me a week. Actually two, I’ll be out of town this weekend then my dad is visiting Wednesday of next week. So yes, two weeks. Sunday the 16th. Wait. That’s Easter. And we’ll be at Thunderhill. Whatever. It’ll get done eventually.

The forum is just something that I set up so the girls at NorCal could have a testosterone free zone to chat about things like makeup and shoes and shopping and SMELLY BOYS. Kidding. But if you are a female (or a male even) and enjoy such subjects, feel free to join the discussion.

The whole redesign started when I decided to add some video’s to the site. I love that I can embed the youtube video directly into the pages of the layout. I hope to add a video per week. Maybe more. Probably less. But it’s still cool so go check them out. Plus!! You can comment on them.

Okay, enough with the boring site talk and on to using the blog for what it’s for again! Ranting about stupid people and an occasional picture of how cute I am!

5 thoughts on “Have you heard enough about the site yet?

  1. I like the new site Anna, it looks good, I am gonna be up that way next week going to clear lake with my family for a wedding WHOOHOO i get to get drunk on my uncles dime!

  2. so many bloggers get upste about the whole “about me” section… myself included. there’s just something about trying to fit yourself into under 5 paragraphs that just feels… well… wrong?

  3. First Julie’s, now yours. I, uh, screwed up when registering. I think I just mistyped my e-mail address but, yeah….still can’t log in. Heh. Oops.

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