The new layout was up. For like 10 minutes. Ask Julie, she saw it! So did Ben. Really!

There seems to be an issue with IE. *hates IE* It looks fine in the NEW IE beta that’s supposed to fix all the old BS IE issues. And it works in Firfox, of course. Tomorrow I’ll have to hunt down the IE problem. I’m sure it’s a CSS issue.

The party was a blast. I have some pictures posted over at flickr and Jason took the customary 2000 pictures so once he gets his up I’ll share those too. I’ll post more tomorrow. The time change is gonna kill me in the morning so I need to get into bed. But it was a success. Ben had a blast, everybody laughed and laughed and laughed. Karting was awsome. Just aswome. And my entire upper body is sore and bruised from it but I’d do it again tomorrow. And the next day.

I have hives all over my hands spreading up my wrists and arms. Also in my armpits. I’m hoping they are just stress related and that now the party is over I can relax a little…


3 thoughts on “Blargh

  1. I liked the green layout too but I couldn’t get the sidebar to flow with the feel of the rest of the site. Plus, I wanted to focus more on content right off the bat and less on design. So I went with something really simple and easy to change in the future.

    There are a few more little things to add and tweak. I just needed something more permanent up…

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