No, really!!

You know the site overhaul I talked about, like, two months ago? I think I might actually get it up by the end of the weekend. Just have a few little silly things I have to get ironed out first.

This is the longest temp-layout I’ve ever had up but we’ve been going non-freaking-stop every weekend with Valentines, and Ben at the track, and other NorCal events to plan and attend and GOOD LORD I WANT A WEEKEND TO DO NOTHING BUT VEDGE IN FRONT OF THE TV!! Run on sentences are cool. Ben’s catching a flight to visit the ‘rents in Arizona tomorrow and even though I have 41343613543 things I have to take care of this weekend, I’m thinking that I can get the site finished too.

Hopefully. The next month is going to be just as packed as the last month and if I can’t get it done this weekend then it will be late in April. heh

Anyway!! It’s very green. Very green. And while it’s not the most beautiful layout out there, the content is what I really focused on. Video’s, comment plugs, that nifty Site of the Week plug feature you see everywhere now (possibly, I’ve noticed this causing some slow page loads on some sites), cowbell, etc.

5 thoughts on “No, really!!

  1. your temp layouts are better than my real ones. I like this. I like the simple things. And besides, it’s not the outer beauty, but the inner(the blog) which i enjoy. 🙂

    Wowie. That was mega corny…on that note, good night! And happy st. patrick’s day!(do people actually wish each other a happy st. patrick’s day?)

  2. Well? It’s 10:10 pm on Sunday night and it looks pretty much the same to me!

    Hope you had a good weekend.


  3. Well, I worked on it for about… 10 minutes on Friday evening. And that’s about it. That was pretty much the full amount of time I got in front of the computer this weekend.

    And it’s SO CLOSE to being done. Seriously, if I could get an hour of uninterrupted time I could probably get it done.

    SOMEDAY!! 😉

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