For Valentines Day I had the choice of a present or putting money away for something I have planned but am not going to talk about here yet. HA!

I picked up some M.A.C eyeshadow a few weeks ago and have since raided the counter every time I get within a mile of Macy’s. They leave those cotton swabs out and all the samples there and I just can’t help it!! I walk away with 40 different colors painted on my hands. Since I got the one eyeshadow I’ve wanted to go back and pick up a little of everything in all my colors but the thrifty side of me has won out every time. So tonight I told Ben that rather than a present or the money, I wanted to splurge on a bit of makeup.

I’m down 12 pounds. My arms are FIRM. There’s still fat, but there is firm, solid muscle mass under there. When I flex I feel kinda powerful. TeeHee. I’m not close to my goal weight yet but I am noticeably more toned, and the fat is melting off. I’ve also been taking REALLY good care of my skin. I’ve been washing and exfoliating and rubbing Mary Kay (found on Ebay for SUPERCHEAP!!) goodness into my face every day and my skin is softer and younger and clearer than it’s been since… well, I honestly don’t think it’s EVER felt this good.

Today I was at Macy’s picking up some smaller jeans(!!) because all the ones I have are literally falling off me, I asked him if it would be okay if I got myself some makeup for V-Day. I chatted up at three of the girls and they helped me pick out some good colors. Love, love, love it. I’m gonna go tomorrow at 4:00pm and get my makeup done. I planned it at that time so I’ll look hot for our date tomorrow.

So there ya have it. Four shadows, blush, translucent powder, an eye lash curler, mascara and some finishng spray. <3


4 thoughts on “M.A.C

  1. wow, that chopped off most of my comment. Anyway, I can’t live without those colors. I am a total make-up whore. And I can see noticeable changes in my arms. There is a definite separation between the bi and tri muscles….and the fat, but there is a whole lot less of it!

  2. Mmm.. MAC makeup. That stuff is so expensive, I have yet the courage to penny up. But there’s this chick on MySpace (she’s in my friends list on the first page) that does some AWESOME blending with the really colorful colors. She shares some step-by-step instructions in her blog!

  3. Ooooh! Don’t you just love M.A.C. I’m exactly like you, when I see their counters, I can’t stay away. I ended up buying hundreds of dollars worth of mac makeup.

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