Free Day Blues

Today is our “free day”. Before, when I was doing BFL I’d dream of the free day. I’d long for it. I’d dwell on it. And live in it. And that was completely wrecking the rest of my diet. That was before the Great Stomach Beast though. Now, while I’m excited it’s here, I know it’s going to make me feel like hell so part of me almost just wants it to be a “free meal”. I can’t take that much bad food in one day.

This morning we met my mom and Cameron at the Lost Gatos Cafe. They have, undeniably, the best breakfast in the Bay Area. The place is famous. The wait is alyaws long but they have benches outside and complimentary coffee while you wait. Since it’s on the main drag of a quaint little town and we get to see cute botiques and the Ferrari’s, Ford GT’s and other random super cars driving up the street, the wait isn’t too bad. And COMPLETELY WORTH IT.

I’m partial to any of their hollandaise covered dishes. Mainly Eggs California and Eggs Alexandria. I ate this entire plate of food this morning. We got home about 30 minutes ago and I’ve been to the bathroom twice and feel like something is twisting my belly into a knot and pounding it with a 20 pound sledge hammer.

And I can’t wait till tomorrow when I know that even though my food won’t be as rich, or as pretty, I’ll feel like I don’t have to live at home or within 20 yards of a toilet…

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