Pink vs. Green

I finally got around to Sears today to use the gift card Ben got me for Christmas. I got all my paint supplies plus a gallon of the green we both agreed on. After two coats we are able to see what the final color is going to be and it’s just… fabulous. I hated that pink. Really, really, really hated it. I’m pretty sure the person who lived here before us was blind and they just used whatever left over paint they could find to finish the remodel. There’s just no other explanation. So anyway, here is a bad pic in bad light of the before and after. Tomorrow after I get the last coat on the wall I’ll take better pics in some real light.

pink vs. green

Cassidy had a friend from school spend the night last night. Then I went with my mom to get her hair done (our X-Mas present to her). Then to Sears. Then home and helped Ben isntall his exhaust Then painted. Then fixed my broken gallery. *whew*

Gonna sleep WAAAAAYYYY in tomorrow. After I get a small section of the kitchen painted (want to get an idea of the color agains the tile/wood in the kitchen to make sure we REALLY like it before I cover the rest of the pink) I’m going to finally tackle that purse I gave up on. My mom translated the directions into Blond Terms for me today.

3 thoughts on “Pink vs. Green

  1. the green looks nice from what i see. I love painted walls, within reason. haha. when kynan and i decided on the colors for our house, we went to model homes and smuggled in our painter friend’s color chart.

  2. I definitely love that green. It’s about my favorite color. We bought a sage couch and it came with multi colored pillows. We just finally painted the walls a beige and all the woodwork white. Then my mommy hung up my new art that she bought me for christmas. I finally feel like the house is coming together and we’ve only lived here 7 years!

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