It needs to find its MoJo.

In the next day or two I’m going to start implementing some major changes to the site. I’ve looked and I’ve coded and I’ve brainstormed and I’ve pulled more hair out than I’m willing to admit. It comes down to I’m just not happy with the way it’s turning out. I need something more grown up. More structured. More… complete. As it stands now, it’s in a constant state of flux because no matter what I come up with I just can’t seem to ‘feel’ it. It’s… lost its MoJo.

While I’m sticking with WordPress I’m going to be using a completely different structure. A whole new backbone. Something that I’m not used to. Something that is coded entirely in PHP. Something that I’m going to have to learn from the ground up. So what I’m saying is bare with me while I break it 1658 ways in the process.

And I’m sorry Dad but there are going to be downtimes and that lovely construction page you love so much!! 😉

1 thought on “It needs to find its MoJo.

  1. I hear ya. I just want to do a different layout i’m happy with. the current one has been there for a YEAR… well technically, overall its been over a year and a half with that layout besides color/image swaps. Personally, i’m just going to downsize all the coming soons and add them when i actaully finish ’em. just trying to think of something lovely.

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