The obligatory Christmas Post.

Ben and I opened our presents Saturday night. Mostly because I’m impatient and a kid when it comes to opening presents. Because they sit there, under the tree, mocking you every time you walk by. It’s TORTURE!! 🙂

I got my sewing machine. I am so stupidly happy about this. I know that most of you out there that know me are like… SEWING MACHINE??!?! But it’s something I’ve wanted to learn for awhile. I always see curtains I like in the store that are the wrong fabric, or a nice fabric in a horrible cut. Now I can make them myself. It’s the same thing with clothes. Some of the cutest things I’ve seen lately are the Do-It-Yourself fashions posted on blogs and craft sites. So I’m sure as I learn I’ll be posting pics. And I’m sure some of the early failures will make for some fantastic blogs. 😉

I also got some gift cards that I’m excited to go out and USE. Fredericks, Pier 1, and Sears! The Sears one Ben got me to start buying painting supplies so I can get rid of the AWFUL pink that haunts our every moment in the kitchen, computer and living room. It’s pink people. PINK! Soon it will be a nice soothing green to match the tile in the kitchen and the yellow on the rest of the walls that I love already. 🙂

Yesterday I cooked my turkey. Instead of getting an entire bird I just got a boneless breast roast. Then I made the normal mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole and biscuits to go with it. It was horribly yummy. And we have lots ‘o leftovers.

The rest of the day we played video games. We were training for the Lazy Olympics. I finally got dressed at 9:00PM so we could go we a 10:00PM DLP showing of Narnia. I actually thought they did a great job. They sucked me in early enough that I didn’t spend the whole movie comparing it to the book and genuinely enjoyed the movie for what it was, a movie based on a favorite childhood book.

Today I desperately need to clean the house and get some laundry done and prepare for Cassidy’s return tonight from her dad’s so she can open her presents and tear up the clean house in a fraction of the time I’ll spend cleaning it today. I can’t wait to have her home. 🙂

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