I can strip paint off a wall with a single look.

Since I was way on the other side of San Jose in the Old Hood I decided to stop by the child support agency to check in and see how the never ending saga is going. While I waited I tried as hard as I could to busy myself by chatting to Julie and Kristen and avoid having to make eye contact with any of the men. Because if you are male and are there, there’s a 99% chance you were FORCED there for not paying somebody for the child that you helped create. And rather than shoot daggers at them I just try and pretend they don’t exist… and that I’ll wake up tomorrow with the $17,000 dollars I’ve been screwed out of over the last two years.

But there was one creepy old schmuck that kept staring at me. So I gave him The Look. You know girls, the look that says “If I have to respond to you it’s going to be by shoving your balls down your throat and watching you slowly suffocate on your very own inadequacy.” He got the point and stopped.

Till after I was done with my appointment and leaving that is. While I sit and talk to the social worker I allow Cassidy to stay in the waiting room to watch movies and play with the toys. They have a Plexiglass wall so that parents can talk alone and still keep an eye on their kids. When I walked out I called Cassidy over to leave and this guys looks me directly in the face and says:

Stupid Bastard (SB): Hey, you wanna hook up sometime?
Me: *stop dead in tracks, put on paint stripping face* No.
Me: *starts to walk away*
SB: Honey, I have a masters in engineering.

Okay, he’s done it. He’s pushed me too far. If I wasn’t already frustrated about having to drive clear across town at 4:00PM I *might* have let this slide by. But that wasn’t the case and he became the best outlet for such frustration.

Me: You have a masters degree in engineering and the best line you can come up with is “Hey, wanna hook up?”
(SB): I use what works, sweetie.
Me: You know what would work? PAYING YOUR FUCKING CHILD SUPPORT so that you wouldn’t be spending your time HERE and could find a more suitable place to pick up on the mindless IDIOTS that would fall for that LAME ASS line.
SB: But.. well.. bu.. uhh…
Me: *smiles and walks out the door*

I can’t stand being leered at. Or whistled at. Or “Hey Baby-ed” by some random schmuck. When it happens I always have to fight off the urge to verbally bitch slap the guy into next week.

The only worth while part of the whole visit other than watching the old schmucks balls retract into his body was the use of words like “bench” and “warrant” followed by “has already been issued” in one breath when talking to my social worker.

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