Brittney infected me. This is the first one of these type of things I’ve done. Mainly because I’m generally a lurker but lately I’ve figured I should start commenting on all these blogs I read which has lead to more people ending up here. Go figure! Anyway, on with the fun!

How does it work?: Write 5 random facts about yourself, and then list the names of 5 people whom you in turn infect. Also, leave a post to these people letting them know they have been infected.

My Random Facts:
1. I’m a wanna be girly girl. I like to get dirty working on cars and fragging boys online (that means killing, Dad.. as in gaming ;)) and… yeah. I’ve been getting more and more creative with my makeup and getting clothes that aren’t jeans and t-shirtish so maybe I’m on the right path.
2. I have a completely irrational but very real fear of death and the knowledge that I will no longer be here and everybody will go on without me and I won’t be here to join in the fun. Instead of trying to “fix” this fear I choose to ignore it as much as possible. And it’s not like I DWELL on it but it comes up occasionally.
3. I am obsessed with chocolate. Like, there is never a time I’ve said, “That’s too rich.” Or, “That’s too much chocolate.” I want it all the time. And when I’m PMSing it turns into the same kind of feigning that I assume a crack addict goes through. I lay in bed and shiver at night thinking about it and wondering when I can have my next “hit”. My mom got me those little Ghirardelli Squares for times like this but I make Ben hide the package from me…
4. I’m about 40-50 pounds over what my “target weight” should be for my height and age. Depressing. But with the latest trend of feeling like I’d be better off dying than eating anything that contains ANY kind if fat or dairy product, I’ve been dropping weight. And I practically died on the treadmill today so hopefully that is helping too. I’m considering more and more dropping just meat from my diet altogether because all it does is make me physically ill. 🙁
5. My most favorite time of the entire day is that 15 minutes before I fall asleep when I press myself up as close as I can to The Benjamin and wrap my legs all around his and I have to reposition myself 15 times the first five minutes and I’m sure this annoys him to no end but he just holds on and lets me drift off. And he does all this knowing that when I fall asleep I’m going to snore loud enough to rattle all the walls in the room. That’s true love people, True Love.

Who am I infecting? Julie, Kristen, Lisa, Jessica and BEN!

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