EDIT – HA! I started screwing with flickr’s code and worked it till it was fixed!!! So the index is now VALID!! as can be noted at the bottom of the sidebar with W3’s VALID XHTML gif. Sweet! And effing hell I’m a geek!! 🙂

My links, contact and layout pages are all VALID XHTML!! *feels proud*

The index is SO FREAKING CLOSE. But the flickr badge is not validating and I’ve done the fixes suggested on the forum and that fixed about 15 errors but it’s still adding an extra tr, td, table tag. They have to be there or the page breaks but the beginning tags must be in the javascript it points to so the validator is not seeing that and spitting back 4 errors.

I’m not even going to go into the 200 errors that the stock WordPress template tags returned. I had to change parameters in the archive, category, register, etc tags. Pain in the ass and if you are a noob or not code savvy you’d probably be lost. At least now they have the codex so you don’t have to depend on their ridiculous nazi-isms on the forum.

In other news, I’ve drastically changed my diet. Pretty much no meat except for chicken and I’ve hardly eaten that. And no dairy at all. I’m feeling much, much, much better. Except when I drank a Frappucchino today which sent me to the restroom about 4 times in an hour and lingered for a few hours in my gut. I’m going to have to find some alternate ways to intake protein. I’ll spend some time looking up tofu recipes tomorrow.

And I’m off!

3 thoughts on “VALID!

  1. Anna,

    Have you tried using a digestive aid? Lactaid works wonders if you are suffering from some lactose (dairy) intolerance. There are others that might help for other things. Check a health food store for digestive supplements. In the end though, you need to find a doctor who will get their head out of their ass and look at alternatives!


  2. Yeah I have. And they seem to help some. But I still have a major problem with meat or anything that contains anykind of fat or grease AT ALL.

    And I have an appointment to get an ultrasound on the Friday after Thanksgiving to rule out Gallstones. After that they are going to start doing GI tests.

  3. Ahh, more information. The fat/grease thing does suggest gall bladder issues. Well, I hope they find the cause whatever it is and are able to help you out. Hang in there…

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