Phantom Pain.

My mom suggested taking some anti-inflammatory medicine last night so I started taking Advil. It seems to be helping. The pain is still there but not NEARLY as bad as yesterday.

I’m not sure WHAT is going on down there. There is still what I would describe now as “tenderness”. Almost like something is bruised. But the pain is more dulled now and not so bad that it hurts to even take a deep breath.

I was able to get more sleep but not nearly enough to make up for the missed night before. So I’m just going to continue drinking tons of water and taking the Advil every six hours and see how the day goes.

5 thoughts on “Phantom Pain.

  1. I am really starting to think you have Gall bladder/gall stone trouble. You are having a lot of the same symptoms that I had including the food + 30 min = bathroom break.

  2. They did an ultra sound to diagnose the stones. The stones have been taken care of but I am more then likely going to have my Gallbladder taken within the next year or so. Mine did not always hurt but when it did there was no comfort to be had. The first thing that they did was put me on a strict bland diet. This did not go over very well.

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