Urgent patience

I am sitting in the urgent care waiting room. I just gave a urine sample. Yesterday I started noticing a “pressure” on my bladder. Today it turned into full blown pain. I got no sleep last night because of it. ANY pressure on my tummy made me wince.

It could be a baldder infection but I have none of the symptoms I usually get. No frequency of urination, no pain when going, no cloudy urine. Everything else is fine. Its just “pressure” feeling and bad bad bad pain.

P.S. – I’d like to thank the technology God for things like Sidekicks and Gameboy Advanced’s.

EDIT @ 6:00PM – Well, its not a bladder infection. Nothing on the pelvic exam either. Took blood to rule out appendix. Back in the waiting room waiting for the results. Won’t give me pain medicine till they get the results back. Bastards.

EDIT @ 8:00PM – White blood cell count was normal. Not pregnant. No STD’s. Urgent care staff is stumped. At home now with no freaking pain medicine. She told me to take some gas medicine and see if maybe that’s what it is. I took that over an hour ago and I’m still hurting.

I’m supposed to “monitor the situation” overnight and see how things are in the morning…

EDIT @ 10:00PM – I went to bed right after the last update. Took some Aleve at 9:00. Laying down seems to help. But if I put pressure on my belly or MOVE I can feel it. And it still hurts. Maybe not as bad as before but it’s still enough to make me worry about what the hell is going on and not be comfy.

I guess I just try and be as comfortable as possible till tomorrow or it goes away.

7 thoughts on “Urgent patience

  1. I assume they tested her urine for hcg levels.. did they Anna? Are you thinking an ectopic pregnancy causing the pain?

    When’d ya poop last, Anna?

  2. Yeah, they checked. I though eptopic too and made sure they checked the urine for that.

    And I have a slight case of IBS. You could set your clock to how regular I am. Food + 30 minutes = BM. heh

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