SK2 OTA2.3

Life with my Sidekick has been fantastic. I looked up a cut of beef as we sat track side at Laguna Seca for Ben as well as looking up the schedule for the day. At dinner the other night I was able to see if a store was still going to be open when we left… it’s just endless, really. Let’s see:

  • I have most of my email forwarded to it so I am ALWAYS able to check it.
  • I have various shopping lists that I keep as notes. One note for each place. If I think of something I need from one of the places I can add it to the list in SECONDS.
  • I put EVERYTHING in my calendar. From appointments with the head doctor to reminders that it’s trash day. Every day I make sure that my Outlook and Sidekick are updated.
  • Every time I use the ATM check card I send Ben an email because he is the Updater of the Quicken God. I can now send him stuff AS I do it. Actually, I need to be better about this and not putting it off till later because that makes his job more difficult… I’m trying. 🙂
  • I’m not bored sitting outside Cassidy’s class waiting for her anymore!! Today I actually researched sewing machines while I waited. The other day I looked up some low carb recipes for dinner ideas.

The list goes ON AND ON…

Right after I got it I started hearing rumors on the SK forums about a new update OTA (Over The Air) 2.3. It was supposed to have all sorts of fancy new features like time stamps for AIM and the ability to read CSS. I wanted it. Right then. Unfortunately all Dander and T-Mobile would say is that the updates were being sent out “randomly” and “when you got it you got it the end”. I’m not sure if you all realize this, but the part of my brain that controls my patience level is broken. I don’t have it. At all. None. Zilch. NON EXISTENT!!

After waiting what seemed AGES… JULIE GOT IT! $^!*#@$*!@ I tried not to hate her. I tried not to be jealous. But if she wasn’t such a nice girl I’d probably have stolen hers in the night because… I BOUGHT MINE FIRST AND IT JUST WASN’T FAIR!

THEN! Yesterday after work I checked the forum and LO AND BEHOLD people were saying after a few restarts… the update started DLing!! After about 10 restarts and Ben mocking my obsession for a good 20 minutes it started downloading!! And then my battery light came on… heh I plugged it in though and got the update and it’s like a whole new devise!!

My favorite new features so far:

Much better layout for daily views.

Clickable links in the body of emails. (Before links were all at the end of the message)
Discard a message from the Browse Messages screen with the display closed.

CSS!! (Colored text, backgrounds, forum posts show up properly)
Much faster load times.
General prettyness.

Fold/unfold all notes using keyboard shortcuts.
Send a note via email message.

Time stamps.
Away message viewing from the main menu.
Ability to email conversations.

MUCH better gallery setup.
You can ROTATE photo’s.
Set a photo as your keyguard screen.

There are SO many more things but those are the features that I use the most. I’m telling you, this is the BEST purchase I’ve made in a long time.

P.S. – I am now addicted to City of Villians. Hence the lack of updates. And if this post does not confirm my ridiculous geekyness I don’t know what could.. 😉

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  1. i have NO idea what you’re talking about (sidekick?) but i do appreacite the comment and words you left on my website about catty, vindictive, boyfriend-stealing girls!

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