For Papa:

The cute hair. Tonight I did black first, but not NEARLY as much as last time, and then we topped it with pink. She wanted a lot of pink around the face though. I did it EXACTLY the way she wanted it this time and she loved it. 🙂 She also loved that we have a bunch of pink left to play with on the weekends. 😉

Cassidy Vampire

3 thoughts on “For Papa:

  1. Don’t let her fool you with her cute looks, and smiley face, she is a demon child, through and through! She pulls you in…, gets you on ‘her’ side, then persuasively asks you if she can whatever her heart desires, and how can you say NO??? (heh) Maybe she’s a Sith Lord (I think I need to turn the repeat option off for Revenge of the Sith).

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