Photoshop Perfection

This picture was not all that great to start out with but a few layers, some blurring, property manipulation, add a bit of rosiness to the cheeks and maybe a little pink to the lips… Photoshop is wonderful. I mean, if you can make a really bad makeup day look like this then ANYTHING is possible. It kinda ruins looking at a magazine because when you start to learn the tricks and tools you realize that probably nothing really is that beautiful…

4 thoughts on “Photoshop Perfection

  1. hehe I was gonna lighten it up a bit but it was getting late and I was sleepyful.

    It’s almost TOO easy to manipulate pictures these days. When I visit a site I never really know if the people are REALLY that pretty or if it’s just manipliated to look that way. Ya know?

  2. It took a few layers to take care of the purple shadow from the camera.. i thought it would be a quickfix till I realized there needed to be two different levels from your forehead then under your eyes. I have fun working on photos sometimes though. That was part of what taught me the most in Photoshop when i was a teen… manipulating pictures for entertainment.. haha.

  3. Man, I know what you mean. You look a magazines now and you can easily tell that they were photoshopped because the skin just doesn’t look real anymore. I try not to alter my pictures that much on my website. I just get rid of the bad blemishes that were showing that day.

    I really like your site, though. Cool Halloween layout, yeah.

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