Murphy’s Law?

Yesterday Ben got the M3 back after being in the shop for three weeks. My battery died last night in the GTI. So rather than jump the GTI this morning to get to work, then jump it to drive to get a battery AFTER work, Ben let me take the Honda and he drove the M3 to work…

And got rearended. 🙁

I’m crossing my fingers that all he needs is a new bumper. I’m sorry, honey.

EDIT @ 8:57PM

My battery. Corrosion is bad. I changed it out when I got home tonight. A small curse on the House of Volkswagon for making me have to undo SIX bolts/screws to get it out. Simplicity people! Learn it!

The worst of the M3. This is the passanger side back quarter panel (taken in bad light at the Nvidia parking garage):

And the bumper:

The top of the bumper is scratched too. It will have to be fixed for sure. And possible the fender wells as well. 🙁 Poor M3.

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