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When I get to work it’s 6:00AM. Still dark. When I wake up it’s about 7:00AM. So there’s an hour in there where things happen that I should probably know about and don’t. And things happen that make me wake up instantly and want to shoot myself in the foot… like on Monday when I closed my hatch onto my cell phone and shattered both the inside and outide LCD so that I can’t see the time, who’s calling, phone numbers, alarm settings, etc. It was like somebody had cut off my right arm. No, it was worse than that because then at least I could blame somebody else for the STUPID move.

After I threw up a few times and said my weekly quota of ‘fucks’ and ‘shits’ I went inside, put on my headphones, sat at my desk and pretended to work. It’s amazing how dependent you become on a little tiny piece of technology. I knew I needed a new phone right away so I started looking at he one I’ve been eyeing for awhile, the Mototorla Razr V3. I looked around for the cheapest place to get it. Even on Ebay it was just under $300. For a phone. Ugh.

Ben saw that if we renewed our Cingular contract we could get the phone for $200. Score. We go to Cingular that evening (Despite the fact I have a fever and feel nausious. Yes, it’s THAT important to me.) and talk to a girl there about getting that done. She tells us that we can’t upgrade our phones till November 18th. A month away. Ben asks if there is a way we can get that overriden. We are resigning another year long contract and it’s ONLY a month away. She tells us only her supervisor can do that but she’ll go ask him. When she returns she tells us he doens’t think there is anything he can do but he’ll be with us anyway in a few minutes.

So we wait a few minutes and out of the back of the store comes the manager visibly annoyed and stomping up to the counter where we were standing and:

Manager: I told her there’s nothing I can do. I can’t over ride it. What do you want me to do?
Ben and I: *shocked and silent for a second*
Manager: I mean, you can all customer service but that’s the only way.
Ben: Okay, that was of no help to me. That’s exactly what she said.
Manager: *shrugs* Well, you can call them.
Ben: What you have told me has been of no help. *starts to walk out*
Me: *follows Ben*
Manager: *tries to save the sale* Well, you can call them from here and I can take care of it.
Ben: You have been no help.
Me: *as I walk out the door, LOUDLY* Aparently customer service doens’t mean anything to them here.
Ben: *loudly* I guess not!

Before he got the whole way to the car (maybe 20 feet away) Ben turned around and headed back inside to ge the managers name. He was already in the back probably shoveling more food into his fat face.

We came home and after phone calls, and internet browsing and more nausea, we headed to T-Mobile. I’ve wanted a Sidekick for probably close to a year and a half but never dreamed, ever, that I’d have one. Ever.

When we got to T-Mobile there was a CHAIR for me to sit in… and Phu, our salesman, was AWSOME. We got the sidekick AND two accessories for LESS than what the Razr would have been. AND I HAVE A SIDEKICK!!

I haven’t put the thing down in two days. I feel like crap. My head is pounding, I’m feverish.. BUT I HAVE A SIDEKICK! I HAVE A SIDEKICK! I HAVE A SIDEKICK!


3 thoughts on “Imma Geek.

  1. That’s awesome! I’m jealous…I’m getting a Razr though…one of my best friends works at Cingular! Glad you got a phone! Feel better!

  2. I have to say, I had heard from a few people that T-Mobile got crappy service and reception. I’ve not had a prolem yet. Had service everywhere I did with Cingular and dropped service in all the same places too.

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