So, I’ve been listening to the Roberts confirmation hearing at work. I really don’t WANT to like him because he’s being appointed by the enemy. But the man seems to be very smart, and very well spoken and seems to know the constitution and law so incredibly well.

I’m liking him. The REPUBLICAN appointed nominee. Let’s all go ice skating in hell, shall we?

4 thoughts on “Roberts

  1. The threads of your sweater are beginning to encompass your brain….next is your heart. Then you will have a big ol’ W on your rear window.

  2. Don’t be fooled. The Devil himself has a smooth tonge and will leave you feeling secure and content before casting you into a lake of fire (or so the story goes)! Roberts is a contructionist and like his peers on the court (and I’m talking he conservatives) he will happily strip away rights that he does not believe to be in keeping with the “intent” of the constitution. Problem is, intent is shaped by the heart of the intended and the circumstances in play at the moment the intent is formed. Circumstances change the heart and the intent. Intent must be taken in the context of time to have value. I think the context has changed, and so must our thinking. Roberts, and those who think like him, don’t.

    Can I live with him, if I have to, the alternatives aren’t pleasant. I would rather see him fade into the obscurity of history, like Bork!


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