SOS: Stranded. No internet.

We don’t have internet at home. Take a few seconds and try to wrap your minds around that. No internet. At your home. No, no, no email, no, no… When we get a phone book I don’t even bring it in the house. I just immediately walk it down to the recycle bin. WHY would you EVER need a phonebook if you have THE INTERNET?!? (I actually rant everytime we get a phonebook because I don’t think they should just drop them off at your doorstep. I think you should only recieve one if you ASK for one because really, I’d rather have the small forrest that was killed to make my ONE phonebook.)

Anyway, we have no internet. It was supposed to go down Monday. It didn’t. When I went out to check my email and to see if Eu had updated her blog first thing Sunday morning… there was NO INTERNET. I actually felt my heart start to race as I began to realize that we probably were taken down a day early. On a Sunday. A day early. Ben has explained to me a number of times the reason we have to be without internet for a WEEK during the moving process. It has something to do with the fact that a workorder for the new service can’t be placed till the old service is off. I think anyway, everytime he mentioned the no internet thing I’d kinda drift off and it took a lot of effort to really listen to the explanation. You know, because he was talking about us having NO INTERNET.

So posts will come from work for the week. Because here I have INTERNET. We are SUPPOSED to have it at the new place by the time we move in though… AND I WILL POST SO MANY PICTURES IT WILL MAKE YOU DIZY!!!

We got a lot packed this weekend. I’d guess at LEAST 70% of the house is done. Ben has the kitchen finished. (He packed the entire kitchen BY HIMSELF. He deserves the Best Man of The Century award.) Most of our bathroom and bedroom are packed except for Ben’s clothes, the last of mine and the junk in the closet. I realized last night as Cassidy stood in front of me staring at me with a rather annoyed look on her face that I had packed ALL her toys already. ALL of them. All that’s left out is a box of Crayola markers and some paper. And she has no INTERNET! Not the smartest move I’ve made. She said that since she has no toys to play with she’ll just be helping me pack every day. Helping me. Pack. That translates to: I will be in your way everytime you turn around and putting things into boxes they don’t go in and questioning your every move and pointing out everything you do wrong because YOU PACKED ALL MY TOYS, YOU IDIOT.

We lucked out and Ben’s car will be at the shop for two weeks so yesterday after work Cameron and I moved boxes that are packed, labeled and taped into his garage spot. That way on moving day we don’t have to make 200 trips up and down stairs. We can just load the truck and go.

So close. Yet so far…

1 thought on “SOS: Stranded. No internet.

  1. Oh, the humanity!

    But at least when you do have internet again it will be in your spankin’ new HOUSE. Win some, lose some. Also, you can tell Cassidy that for all the getting in your way she does now, you’ll get her back for when she’s all grown up and has a house of her own and you come to visit and drive her up the freakin’ wall. Heh.

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