A blogger is born…

On Monday at Pasand I told Cassidy that the Simosa’s and Kima Nahn that she loves so much contain lamb. She recoiled.

Cassidy: They take the blood out first though, right?
Me: There is not blood in the meat Cassidy.
Ben: It’s like beef only it’s meat from lambs. You know where beef comes from right?
Cassidy: From Happy Cows.
Me: *start to laugh at what I know is about to come next*
Ben: And where do Happy Cows come from?
Cassidy: CALIFORNIA!!! *laughs at her own joke*
Me: Ahhhh, American media at it’s finest.
Cassidy: *still laughing at herself*
Me: I should blog that.

I find myself saying that far too often about these little conversations and not actually taking the time to sit and write them down fast enough so I forget about them.

So yesterday after we dropped Ben back off at work after taking the deposit to the management company for the NEW HOUSE(!!) Cassidy was being REALLY chatty. She’s been REALLY chatty for about the last two months. TWO. MONTHS.

Cassidy: Mom?
Me: Yup.
Cassidy: Did you blog about that time when Ben said where do happy cows come from and I said california and you laughed and Ben laughed and I laughed because I was really funny?
Me: No, I didn’t. We’ve been really busy.
Cassidy: Are you GOING to blog about it because it was really funny and I think it should be on your website.
Me: Do you?
Cassidy: MmmHmm
Me: Well, we’ll see. Let’s just get home and check your homework and get the stuff done we NEED to get done and we’ll see, okay?
Cassidy: Okay.
*2.4 seconds of silence*
Cassidy: Can I put it on MY website?
Me: *oh no. Not this. Not this conversation.*
Me: Well, your website is kinda broken right now and we are going to be REALLY busy with the move IN A WEEK and my birthday this weekend and our internet connection will go down the 12th and we won’t have it again till when we move into the new house.
Cassidy: So you can fix it then?
Me: *grumble* Yes. I suppose I can.

I changed the subject right away. I wanted to talk to Ben to see how I should handle the rest of the conversation. Last night at dinner I told him about it.

Me: *recounts the conversation in the car*
Me: So then she asked me if SHE could blog on HER website and I might have had a semi freak out moment.
Ben: Does she even know what ‘blog’ means.
Me: She seems to!
Ben: Cassidy, what does ‘blog’ mean?
Cassidy: It’s when you write things on your website in your blog about… things… and stuff.
Me: !!!
Ben: Well, you can write things on your website but FIRST you have to write them down on paper and show us.
Me: *I’m dating the smartest, most level-headed, brilliant man EVER*

She wrote on the table at Macaroni Grill (they GIVE you the crayon’s and the table cloth is PAPER so don’t look at me like that!!):

“I am in second grade. I have friends. I like my friends. My friends are nice.”

And a blogger is born. I’ll get her site up after the move, disable comments, and the girl can blog…

7 thoughts on “A blogger is born…

  1. That’s not mean. Mean is saying that my perky, young boobs and I are waiting for her to ask you for her own webcam. Note, however, that I respectfully declined from a) putting that worry in your head and b) taking that nice little jab at your ever increasing age.


    …I love you, Anna….and now I am going to go, uh, run….and hide….. =)

  3. You forgot to mention when she’ll be hiding an account on MySpace with 20 million “SEXY BITCH” sparkley GIFs and telling boys she’s the best kisser EVER!

  4. No! I’ve already told Ben I’m not below putting a keystroke logger on her computer if it ever comes to that… or even adding a firewall to the network that will log all traffic.

    I’m not gonna be one of those dumbass parents. No webcams. Period.

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