WIRtW: 0001

Created a new category: When I rule the World. All posts will contain the laws that will pass immediately upon my taking ownership of the World. I was going to make it Universe but, you know, one step at a time.

When I rule the world…

Law reform #00001:
When work commences after a weekend of three days or more, all citizens of the World shall be given the first day back the option of coming in one hour late and leaving one hour early to reacclimate to the work day. With pay, of course.

4 thoughts on “WIRtW: 0001

  1. Here’s one…
    When I rule the world…. it won’t take several days for our president to respond appropriately to a national disaster of epic proportions….

  2. When I rule the world, it will be a dictatorship where there won’t be a billion levels of government to cut through to to the and you can only point fingers at.. at… the JESTER!

    Also each day will open with a serving of cake, and my brilliant scientist will have figured out a real way to block out fat without the slightest change of taste from all the chocolately glory.


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