Geek Rant – Part 1

When we got Cassidy’s computer all up and running we were both a little concerned with how warm it was running. The cute purple case was OLD. One side panel weighted no less than 5 pounds. Old. We decided that the best option for the whole family was for Ben to get a new case since he hasn’t had one in a quite awhile and then put all Cassidy’s hardware into his old case.

Ben got a nice Estoral Blue case and got all his hardware thrown in there no problem then the next day I put all Cassidy’s stuff into Ben’s old case. And it wouldn’t turn on. No power at all. I was too frustrated to deal with it at the time because I spent about 30 mintues zip-tying all the power cable’s and making it look REALLY pretty in there and the thought of having to UNDO all that was just too much to take.

Today I took the time to look up the manual on LeadTek’s site to make sure the power switch lead actually plugged into the prongs that were labeled “pwsw”. It was. Ben told me to try jumping it with a set of keys. Nothing.

We determined it was the power supply or the motherboard. Which upset me considering they BOTH WORKED prior to being put in the new case. Stupid hardware. We had an old motherboard shoved in the spare hardware pile and so I tried that. Nothing. Had to be the power supply so we made a trek to a local cheapy hardware store and picked up a CoolerMaster Peak 380Watt power supply. All was going to be well with the world.

Got home, installed the power supply… YAY!!! Power. Hooked everything back up, closed up the case, got it in the room, started her up… no video. *humph* Okay. I guess the reason the mother board was in the spare parts pile was because it was broken. SO! I tore it down and put the original mother board back in. Then I took the picture above. Because if it didn’t work again I was going to throw it off the balcony and I wanted photographic proof that I had hooked everything up correctly.

It worked. I hooked up her new speakers we got a week ago. The same day of the case swap. So now she can listen to Gwen Stefani, Mariah and Avril all she wants… in HER OWN ROOM. Three people. Three working computer. All is once again well in the house.

Now we just need to find her a chair.

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