Katrina is just ravaging the South. Some of the pictures are incredible. And the death toll is already at 50+. With flood waters reaching 20+ feet people have lost EVERYTHING they own. I find it hard to wrap my mind around that. Leaving home and returning to… nothing but destruction. Having to start over with nothing but what you were able to pack into your car. It makes me feel so greedy for taking so much for granted.

Especially with Cassidy. I can’t imagine having to tell her that her cat is gone, or all of her toys and clothes.. and maybe even a friend or teacher. All the kids this has effected. It’s just.. horrible.

I boxed up four huge boxes of baby blankets, baby clothes, toys, shoes and clothes that Cassidy has outgrown in the last few years a few months ago when she was visiting her dad. I shoved them in her shower since it never gets used and was planning on taking them to the Good Will. Tomorrow I’m going to find a close Red Cross and over the next few days take all the stuff to them. It’s also about time I do a cleaning out of my closet because I have SO many shirts that I jsut NEVER wear so I’ll throw them in the boxes too. Hopefully it will find it’s way into the hands of a family that Katrina has left with nothing.

I wish we could afford to do more like donate money or even TIME there helping out… but at least this is SOMETHING.

7 thoughts on “Katrina

  1. I like you for actually wanting to help.

    I was so amazed how enthralled the world was with the Tsunamis, and then when it was LITERALLY last week’s news, people were over it and looking for the next interesting tradegy. So horrible.

    My thing is animal charities.. now to just win the lotto and donate to the shelters in the New Orleans area.

  2. It’s hard not to follow the latest updates on Katrina. I was sitting in the bank doing business stuff thinking, “Here I am living my life, while people not too far away are fleeing for their lives.

    When I go to the grocery store tomorrowI plan to buy some food to send that way. I figure any bit helps.

  3. I can afford to do NOTHING. I am seriously scraping by on cans of tuna (litterally JUST tuna. Tonight it had ranch, because one of the girls went and got pizza and had a little container of ranch left over) and on my way out of town to come back down to Irvine I took the last of the clothes I don’t/can’t wear anymore over to Goodwill. The girls and I are going to head down to the local Red Cross outpost tomorrow to see if they have anything we can do, but we’re not sure what all there is aside of reboxing things people have brought in. It really makes me feel worthless.

  4. I know what you mean. I couldn’t imagine loosing everything. Not so much the clothes and things but the things that can’t be replaced…pictures and memories that they will never get back. So sad.

  5. Hey Leslie. 🙂 That’s one of the reason’s I avoid MySpace. Although there are a bunch of cool people there, there are SO many that act the way she does. I mean seriously! I was just asking if her tattoo artist realized that the musical notes on her TATTOO are BACKWARDS. *shrug*

    Truth, that would be hard for me too. Losing all Cassidy’s baby pictures, the memories from your entire life… it reminds me that it’s time to do a CD backup of all my pictures.

  6. Tragedies, such as Katrina, serve as a reminder to those of us that take so much for granted…..to remind us what is really important. Even the things Anna is talking about, pictures, toys… They are not really that important. However, making sure that everyone who needs help down there has it…, that anyone who is in a flooded area has the basic life necessities right now…food, shelter, water….this is what is important.

    Have you sent those clothes yet?

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