Crazy is as crazy does.

I’ve decided to take Kristen’s advise and see a counselor before going back to a psychologist again. I might need medicine again and I might not but I’d like to try the ‘not’ approach first.

The problem with this is that my HMO doesn’t cover “counseling”. So today I put my foot down and told the poor soul that happened to take the 5th call I’ve made in three days, “Look, you are either going to pay for me to see a counselor or in the next month you are going to have a very hefty bill from the psych ward at the hospital. Because I AM CRAZY. You can decide which you’d prefer to pay.”

They pre-authorized 10 visits. I know I’m not “crazy” but it’s amazing what depression can do to a person…

Anyway!! In other unrelated news: I finally got Cassidy’s PC set up in her room. Then Ben and I decided she needs a new case, a wireless PCI card, speakers, a chair, and I’m thinking a beanbag for when she want’s to watch movies on it. She and I are going to have a mommy/daughter geeky computer building day on Sunday.

We had a discussion today about how lucky she is to have her OWN computer in her bedroom at just under seven years old and how much responsibility comes along with it. And then I spent 2 hours researching parental control programs. Make it stop. Stop the growing of the child. For the sake of the crazy mom.

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