Layout #17. Yes, 17.

So even though there are a few things I want to still work on, it’s live. I just couldn’t take the old extremely GAY LOOKING layout. It was fun. But it also gave me a headache.

Hope ya like it, there will be slight additions to content and some changing around of menu font’s and the such. I’ll let ya know as they happen.

Welcome to layout 17. May it have a longer, more wonderful, less nauseating life than the last.

6 thoughts on “Layout #17. Yes, 17.

  1. I give it a week before you declare it doesn’t have enoughg color and two before it’s depressing.

    ….what? I believe you Anna. Really. 🙂

  2. You guys act like I’m wishy-washey, or that I can’t make up my mind, or… something!

    It has “flux” in the name for a reason. 😉

  3. btw, this is one of the first layouts I liked almost completely right off the bat (that anna has done). This probably means its’ life will be the shortest (grin)

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