Recovery: Day 2

I’m feeling good. Took my last Vicodin today at 8:00AM. Also took the last piece of gauze out of my mouth at that time. They didn’t give me enough gauze so Ben had to go get me more last night. They said the bleeding should stop after two hours but that bottom right would not stop. I finally figured out that the hole is kind of on the outside of the gum so it wasn’t getting much pressure put on it when I was biting down. I started sticking a big wad of gauze in there between my cheek and the gum line and sleeping on that side. It made it sore but stopped the bleeding finally.

I took some 600MG Ibuprofen a few minutes ago. It’s sore like I’d expect it to be in the area of surgery and my jaw in general but not really in “pain”. They gave me like 30 vicodin and 30 600MG Ibuprofen. That had me a bit worried!! I guess we’ll just have a lot of left over pain medicine.

I’ve been ice paking A LOT too. I think that’s help more than anything. Ben got a long narrow icepack from the chiropractor a few weeks ago when he hurt his back. It’s been perfect because it wraps all the way around my jaw line. I’ve been tying it on my face with a pink polkadotted scarf so I can sleep with it on. 😳

I’ve managed to eat some chicken soup. But that and a small scoop of ice cream is all I’ve had since Thursday afternoon. I’d think I’d be hungrier. Especially with all the pain medicine and antibiotics I’ve been taking. Hopefully the apetite will start to come back this evening.

The story of being put to sleep is a funny one that I’ll have to write once I have a little more strength to be sitting at the computer. I think the lack of food and pain medication has made me a bit loopy and has my body really run down so I’m still sleeping quite a bit. And going to go do some more of it now.

2 thoughts on “Recovery: Day 2

  1. I’m glad you’re surviving. My doctor gave me oxy-contin for my pain meds. I was so paranoid thinking that I was going to get hooked on it.

  2. WOW! Oxycontin is STRONG stuff!! I was thinking that I’d be better today but I had to take some more Ibuprofen about an hour ago. It’s just a little too sore to try to eat without taking something. And laying down putting pressure on it.

    I’m still ice packing like crazy because I the doctor said the more you do it the first 1-2 days the less swelling you get in the long run. Swelling is supposed to be at it’s worst at day three and so far I have jsut a VERY LITTLE bit so I’m hoping that it doens’t get too bad. *crosses fingers and toes*

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