I’ve added the last three months of camera phone shots to the gallery. Finally.

We had a busy weekend. Saturday was the major 2 hour grocery shopping trip, getting Cameron from the airport, turkey roast and fresh green beans for dinner.

Sunday was three hours at Ikea and Osh. Bought and planted a Hibuscus. (At my mom’s suggestion and thought that was rather funny considering the new site overhaul. You’ll get it in a week or so. ;)) Followed by an hour at Trader Joe’s. Followed by grilled chicken salad for dinner.

This was of course all between loads and loads of laundry, showing Cassidy’s furniture to more flakes, cleaning and more cleaning. God I feel so… domestic. And the person who made up the term “Domestic Goddess” was clearly adding the wrong kind of “Shrooms” to the family’s pizza because there aint nothin’ GODDESS about it.

We did finally decide on a “theme” for Cassidy’s room. The Beach. Today we got some bedding that is blue and teal and looks like water… kinda. There are a bunch more accessories that I want to get. I’m gonna go back and pick a few of them up tomorrow since Ikea is so close to my work. I want Bamboo covers on the windows and they have these cute little blue hanging things that look like bubbles. *is giddy* 🙂 Her room is looking SO cute and I’m SO jealous!!

P.S. – I worked on the site some more last night. I’m working on content updates right now. I’d say realistically that I should have it all up and running by next weekend. 🙂 We start hitting the gym tomorrow again so nights are gonna be busy.

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