More on the room since my life revolves around it right now.

When I placed the bed where I wanted it, the light was like.. a foot above the bed so it had to be moved. I have emptied EVERYTHING out from under the old bed and now everything in the room has a place inside a storage bin, hanging storage device, etc.

It’s really coming together!! I also hung the net up tonight. Pics as soon as our camera battery arrives in the mail from Oceanside. (DOH!)

Tomorrow we have to get her some bedding because we don’t have any for a twin size bed!! And as soon as somebody BUYS HER DAMN FURNITURE the armoir. Actually I have enough from the sell of the matress and box spring to get both so… but they won’t fit till I can get ALL her furniture out of the room.

I’ve had two people say they were going to come look at it then completely flake and not call or anything. And I’m offering ALL the furniture for $200!!

I’ve been working on the site but when I said I was updating ALL of it I meant ALL of it. I thought the layout was pretty much done but the small details are taking longer than I originally thought. I’ve hardly touched the content yet. But I AM working on it. So, yeah.

I’m going to clean a bit more, finish a load of laundry and head to bed. I’ve been on somewhat of a cleaning binge as of late. I’m sure it’ll pass. heh G’night.

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