Sorry about the site being down so long. I was having an IE issue last night and went slightly delirious before going to bed and forgot to take the construction page down. There is “whitespace” where there’s not supposed to be… yet it looks fantastic in Firefox. 😐 Anyway, I read for about two hours and tried everything I could last night to fix it but I think that I’m going to have to find a work around for the “float” attribute. One seems to be okay, have two and everything goes wonky. We’ll see.

Cassidy, Alexis and I spent 3 hours in the pool today. THREE HOUR. IN THE POOL the whole time. It was great fun. I got these hoops that suspend in the water so the girls could swim through them like dolphins. We also got noodles, torpedo’s and snorkeling kits. Today was the first time that Cassidy swam all over the pool, even in the deep end, unattended. Her fear is suddenly gone. She swam and swam and swam and swam kicking her feet so much that the tops of them are raw from the flippers… never taking her head out of the water. The snorkel is her new best friend. heh

I’d have taken pictures but Ben has the camera at the San Jose Grand Prix. He scored free tickets (that are going for $150!!) by agreeing to work the event. I’m not sure what his “job” is but he called me and they have him working at the end of the longest straight and in front of the hairpin turn between the track and the fence the spectators have to stop at. Poor guy… 😉

Anyway, I’m going to see if the girls want food before I have to take Alexis home. Later!!

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