I’ve had this reoccurring problem with my teeth: my molars are coming in. As they’ve grown out they’ve done so in spurts. It hurts for a few days, three or four at the most, and I’m only able to open my mouth big enough to get one finger in there… then it stops. Every time this happened I’d swear that the next time I’d go to get them removed.

Well, it’s the next time. I first noticed they were getting sore two Wednesday’s ago while stuffing an over filled yummy totally delicious smothered in dad’s homemade red chili taco in my mouth. It wasn’t bad, just a bit painful to open all the way… By Sunday afternoon I was barely able to open my mouth large enough to snack on a PB&J sandwich at California Adventure. Now usually this is the point where the pain starts to subside. So on the way home I’m thinking that Monday morning I’ll get up and although I’ll be extrememly exhausted, I’ll be able to eat.

And then Monday morning came and when I woke up I went to stretch my jaw and it popped so hard I thought I had broken it in half. Just thinking about that pop makes me shudder. After that it got progressively worse till THIS Wednesday when I ate scrambled eggs for breakfast and nothing else all day just beacuse I didn’t want to MOVE my jaw..

Last night it finally started to subside. I was able to get a chicken taco in there today. Although the pain is pretty much gone, I’m still not able to open my mouth much bigger then the width of my finger. The molars are coming in pointing pretty much straight back so it feels like I constantly have food stuck back there and the inside of my cheek is pretty raw.

I’ve called the three oral surgeons the dentist recommended and that are covered by my insurance and the SOONEST appointment is Monday… and that’s just the 15 minute pre-surgery consult. I have to get an appt for the surgery AFTER that. I was hoping I could make the surgery appt for next Friday that way I’d have all weekend to recover but there’s no way I can go that long. I hardly ate yesterday and today.

I really get kinda freaked out about being put to sleep. It’s a total control issue. They can remove all my teeth and glue them to my forehead and I’ll just be laying there drooling and snoring and probably farting in my sleep. Nope, don’t like it at all.

Cassidy is insisting on going to the first appointment with me because she’s wanting to ask the surgeon if I can keep the teeth for the tooth fairy. heh

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