Well shoot.

My roots were in dire need of some color. I was grocery shopping for dinner tonight and I could not figure out what I wanted so I was kinda circling the store hoping I’d come across something that caught my eye and I did. The hair care isle. :mrgreen:

I picked up a box L’oreal Colour Experte in Toasted Coconut. I really thought that this would lighten my hair up some more. I’ve been trying to go progressively lighter since the great red disaster a year ago. So… my roots are looking 100% better. But my hair is the exact same damn color. 😐

Next time I’m going to try a going like two (or three) shades lighter instead of just one. I really want it back to a ‘blonder’ state again but it’s such a slow process going lighter. Going red was easy! One time and BAM! There it was!! It’s taken a YEAR to get to where it is now. I’m growing impatient.

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1 thought on “Well shoot.

  1. All I can say is its GREAT you’re taking babysteps. Your hair is so healthy and shiny. Mine on the otherhand… *shudder*

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