Sorry about the site being down so long. I was having an IE issue last night and went slightly delirious before going to bed and forgot to take the construction page down. There is “whitespace” where there’s not supposed to be… yet it looks fantastic in Firefox. 😐 Anyway, I read for about two hours and tried everything I could last night to fix it but I think that I’m going to have to find a work around for the “float” attribute. One seems to be okay, have two and everything goes wonky. We’ll see.

Cassidy, Alexis and I spent 3 hours in the pool today. THREE HOUR. IN THE POOL the whole time. It was great fun. I got these hoops that suspend in the water so the girls could swim through them like dolphins. We also got noodles, torpedo’s and snorkeling kits. Today was the first time that Cassidy swam all over the pool, even in the deep end, unattended. Her fear is suddenly gone. She swam and swam and swam and swam kicking her feet so much that the tops of them are raw from the flippers… never taking her head out of the water. The snorkel is her new best friend. heh

I’d have taken pictures but Ben has the camera at the San Jose Grand Prix. He scored free tickets (that are going for $150!!) by agreeing to work the event. I’m not sure what his “job” is but he called me and they have him working at the end of the longest straight and in front of the hairpin turn between the track and the fence the spectators have to stop at. Poor guy… 😉

Anyway, I’m going to see if the girls want food before I have to take Alexis home. Later!!

Web Standards in my Ass

I’m about 60% done on a site reformat. Stop looking at me like that.

I say 60% because although the layout is *almost* what I want it to be, I’ve decided not to make it live till all the content has been gone over with a fine tooth comb. Updated, reformatted, recoded, etc. And I’m serious this time. STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!

One big change is that for the first time I’ve coded the site entirely with divs rather than tables or frames. I’ve had the ambition to do this for a long time and finally sat down in the last week or two and read and read and read and read sites, tutorials, message boards, etc to learn more before attempting to do this and completely fucking up the entire site. heh

Last night as I was coding and messing with the most extensive amount of CSS I’ve ever had to deal with on a site, I remembered a rant I made a little over a year ago about how “web standards” could, how did I put it…

Because it’s my damn site and if you want to use Mozilla or Opera or whatever the hell else, that’s your option. Just understand that this is MY GODDAMN WEBSITE and if I want COLORED SCROLLBARS then goddamit I WILL HAVE THEM and you can take your ‘web standards’ and stick them straight up you ass!

Ahh yes, “they could go straight up your ass”.

Well, it seems as if my ass is rather full lately because I’ve become somewhat of a code nazi now. I’ve validated 90% of the sites I visit regularly just to see if they are coded properly. It’s a temporary obsession till I get bored with it or something more obsessable comes along or Ben gets naked.

Anyway, the layout. It’s very simple. I mean, like ONE graphic simple. I might make some small menu buttons but other than that I like it’s uncluttered, simple feel and look.

Once it’s up I’d LOVe to just LEAVE IT ALONE for awhile. Use it for what it’s supposed to be, a blog. I really don’t want a huge popular blogging site. I like the fact that a few friends comment and that even though my dad never comments, he’s able to keep up with what’s going on in my life. It’s just… me. There but not needing or wanting a lot of attention. Only with the blog you don’t have to hear me burp or smell my farts. So really, it’s like me but BETTER.

I do, however, feel the need to do something else. Another site that’s bigger. More of a community. But I don’t want a bunch of random schmucks that I don’t know or like to be a part of it. Because I’m picky and moody and really don’t like to deal with random schmucks.

I have an idea swirling around in my head to maybe start a family community site. Like MY family. More specifically, my dad’s side of the family. When I first thought of it and had to do a quick run down of the people in my family that use the computer regularly this idea became somewhat frighteningly complicated. There are a lot of them and I thought it would be a huge undertaking. But the more I think about it and research the more I realize that it really wouldn’t be as difficult as I originally thought. Throwing up a “news” section for each individual family unit (family unit = all the people that live under one roof. My dad and Cherie would be one, my step-sister, her three kids and husband would be another, etc) would be pretty easy ecspecially with all the premade blog layouts you can get now. After getting a basic layout for a main news section, the rest would be pretty quick. I’m betting I can have the entire site up and running smoothly in a month.

The main news section would be a place where EVERYBODY can post and would be the main page. There people could announce things like ‘we’re fishing next Tuesday, all who can make it are welcome’, times they’ll be in another’s neck of the woods, set up times for dinner, let everybody know they are making Reid Family Taco’s so their daughters could make an excuse to come see them ;).

Then the 4images gallery would be put up so pictures can be enjoyed by all by only having to visit one location.

Anyway, it’s still just an idea. I figure if I have to deal with schmucks it should be the schmucks I love and am related to. 😀

*starts drooling*

Ben and I are on our way to Bakersfield for garlic chicken calzone DELUX at Frughatti’s.

EDIT @ 1:21AM – We are back. We weren’t just there for food, we were meeting a guy kinda half way so Ben could sell him is front M3 seats now that he has the race seat in. We really wanted the calzone on the way back from Disneyland but got there about 15 minutes too late and I was craving it.

It was good to get to visit with Kristen and we’ll have to catch you next time Julie! And now I’m off to bed. 🙂

Deal Maker.

Since Cassidy has returned from three weeks at her fathers we’ve had to do the “retraining of the manners.” *sigh* She has picked back up the habit of getting our attention with the “Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom” or “Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben” technique. She fires it at you in rapid succession like a woodpecker tapping at the inner depths of your brain.

After telling her several times in the car on the way to eat and then sitting at the table to: Be Patient, Say Excuse Me, and Wait… she was just not getting it. After telling her once and having her say, “Ben, Ben, Ben” not a minute and a half later he calmly looked at her and said, “Okay, no movie for you tonight.”

Now, I hate punishing her. I do, and I understand why it has to be done but a lot of the time I think I feel worse for punishing her than she does for receiving it. That is until I realize that she’s MUCH too smart to NOT be getting the rapid-firing-of-the-name rule. How do I know she’s to smart? Well, let me tell you.

I, feeling guilty that she was not going to get to watch the movie and while watching her eyes light up at the mear mention of dessert, decided to give her a choice on the punishment she received. We were eating at La Milpa. La Milpa happens to make the BEST flaun in the entire Universe. Yes people, THE FUCKING UNIVERSE.

This conversation followed:

Me: How about this? You can decide which punishment you receive. You can watch the movie and not eat dessert or you can get dessert but not watch the movie. You decide.
Cassidy: So you aren’t getting dessert?
Me: I am most certainly getting dessert.
Cassidy: But you said you were full.
Me: I am NOT too full for the best flaun in THE UNIVERSE. I am full. And I am getting dessert.
Cassidy: Welllll… How about THIS? What if I don’t eat my quesadilla, but DO get dessert THEN I can watch the movie because I’m still not eating something! *hopefull gleam in her eye*
Ben: *laughing*
Me: That was a VERY nice try. And while I have to give you a lot of credit for being very smart and coming up with what you thought was a fair compromise, it ain’t gonna happen. Dessert or the movie.
Ben: You have three seconds to decide. One… Two…
Cassidy: Fine! I’ll watch the movie.

Smart. Smart enough that she hasn’t pecked my brain all day.

Still healing.

It’s still in the healing stage but I took the time to shave today so hear ya go. 🙂

And for those of you who don’t know what the first one looks like.

Now I just need to get some stars somewhere and I’ll be happy. I’m not sure where yet. The lotus that Danielle got on her forearm came out really cute but I know better than to get them on a place that I can’t cover. So I’m thinking on the upper part of my right shoulder blade so I can show it off with a tank top on but still be able to cover it.


I’ve had this reoccurring problem with my teeth: my molars are coming in. As they’ve grown out they’ve done so in spurts. It hurts for a few days, three or four at the most, and I’m only able to open my mouth big enough to get one finger in there… then it stops. Every time this happened I’d swear that the next time I’d go to get them removed.

Well, it’s the next time. I first noticed they were getting sore two Wednesday’s ago while stuffing an over filled yummy totally delicious smothered in dad’s homemade red chili taco in my mouth. It wasn’t bad, just a bit painful to open all the way… By Sunday afternoon I was barely able to open my mouth large enough to snack on a PB&J sandwich at California Adventure. Now usually this is the point where the pain starts to subside. So on the way home I’m thinking that Monday morning I’ll get up and although I’ll be extrememly exhausted, I’ll be able to eat.

And then Monday morning came and when I woke up I went to stretch my jaw and it popped so hard I thought I had broken it in half. Just thinking about that pop makes me shudder. After that it got progressively worse till THIS Wednesday when I ate scrambled eggs for breakfast and nothing else all day just beacuse I didn’t want to MOVE my jaw..

Last night it finally started to subside. I was able to get a chicken taco in there today. Although the pain is pretty much gone, I’m still not able to open my mouth much bigger then the width of my finger. The molars are coming in pointing pretty much straight back so it feels like I constantly have food stuck back there and the inside of my cheek is pretty raw.

I’ve called the three oral surgeons the dentist recommended and that are covered by my insurance and the SOONEST appointment is Monday… and that’s just the 15 minute pre-surgery consult. I have to get an appt for the surgery AFTER that. I was hoping I could make the surgery appt for next Friday that way I’d have all weekend to recover but there’s no way I can go that long. I hardly ate yesterday and today.

I really get kinda freaked out about being put to sleep. It’s a total control issue. They can remove all my teeth and glue them to my forehead and I’ll just be laying there drooling and snoring and probably farting in my sleep. Nope, don’t like it at all.

Cassidy is insisting on going to the first appointment with me because she’s wanting to ask the surgeon if I can keep the teeth for the tooth fairy. heh