YAY Canada!!


Canada has passed a bill that will give married gay people the same rights as straight people. What an interesting idea! Equal rights despite sexual orientation!! It’s only the third country to do so joining the Netherlands and Belgium.

In other Canadian News That Proves What A Dumbass President We Have: Bush has appointed a new Ambassador to Canada, David Wilkins. He’s been to Canada once30 years ago. He was the chairman of Bush/Cheney’s second term fundraising in South Carolina though which makes him more than qualified to represent our nation in a country he’s been to one time 30 years ago.


3 thoughts on “YAY Canada!!

  1. I saw a picture of him in the paper this morning… He looked like an idiot being all impressed by the mounted police. “OMG! A real horse!!”

  2. i saw the pic aswell.. ROFL! its great to know that there are countries that offer equal rights despite race, sexual orientation etc etc. Being a malaysian is teh suck because all the benefits are given to the malays only. the non-malays have to struggle really hard. *thinks* y the hell am i bitching this about?! im a malay! just that i despise double standards and shit. makes me feel sooo shitty to receive those benefits when i know there’s ppl who deserves it more than i do.

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