The tomboy pretends she’s a girl…

So first off I have to say a big thanks to the beautiful Renee for pluggin’ me. I’ve been reading her blog for over a year now. She’s like a younger me only smarter and much hotter than when I was her age! And she’s on the left side of the political spectrum. So you know she has to rock! 😉

So Ben and I just got back from War of the Worlds. Before I get into the movie let me tell you the wierdness that is me. I really went back and forth internally about seeing this movie. Why? Well, because I’m crazy see… I’ve been doing a lot of reading about Scientology since this whole Tom/Katie explosion. I’ve always been a Tom Cruise fan and I’ve always known that he’s a big Scientology freak but I never really cared to learn about it till this huge media frenzy.

The more I read the more I’m like… WHOAH! Scientology is a cross between a cult and a poorly set up pyramid scheme. I say poorly because no matter how much money YOU put in, you never get any money out. Only secrets about the alien’s that inhabit your body. And man do you have to dump some money. Now, we all know I’m an atheist and while I don’t really believe in a higher being, I completely respect your decision to do so. My respect comes to a crashing halt, however, when I hear that to “learn” about your faith you have to give hundreds of thousands of dollars to the “church”. It’s just wrong. Faith should never come at a price.

So where’s the movie dilemma you ask? Well Tom’s been all over the news lately promoting this flick and in doing so has also been talking Scientology to anybody that will listen. I just had conflicting feelings about giving my money for entertainment knowing that even a small portion of that money could go towards brainwashing another person… but I came to one simple conclusion: If you are weak minded enough to get sucked into this “religion” then really there’s nothing I can do to prevent it. That and Ben had already Fandango’d the tickets. HA!

The movies was actually pretty good right up till the last 10 minutes which was absolute crap. Really bad, horrible, poorly thought out ending. I’ll not say more than that because it’s opening day and I don’t want to ruin it for anybody. :mrgreen:

Before we went I was chatting with Eu. I’m in love with her eye makeup. Being a complete tomboy I’m somewhat lacking in the makeup skillz department so I pick her brain about it from time to time. 🙂 I just love her smokey eye look like here. After talking to her I decided to play with makeup…

And I got some new shades at the Pride Parade that are pink and OMGCUTE!!

Two more things:

Thing 1: I miss my princess. One more week… one more.

Thing 2: I have this whole long rant/post about the stupidness that is the girls at work and I’m still kinda skiddish about posting work stuff here. I know I shouldn’t but I probably will because we all know how likely I am to keep my big mouth closed. HA!

5 thoughts on “The tomboy pretends she’s a girl…

  1. Ask Julie! She’s fantastic!! Next time I’m in town I’m going to try like hell to get over to her house and let her do mine. 😀

  2. Your eyes look very nice! I like how it really brings out the green of your eyes. I try to shop for the blackest eyeshadow and blackest pencil eyeliner…I bet it would look really great if you could find a shimmery green or gold eyeshadow to accent the inside corner and outside (bottom)..

    If anyone asks me to try makeup or sit there through it I’d love to.. I’ve always wanted to, the ONE TIME ever was with my sister last summer…lots of fun.

  3. So, Anna and I went back and forth before going into the movie. I kept asking her, “Do you go to a movie to support the beliefs of the people who starred in and produced the movie? Or do you go to go into a world of suspended disbelief and enjoyment? Because frankly? If you can’t go for the latter, I’m not interested in going to the movies with you!”.

    Moves are for enjoyment, and if you can’t go to enjoy it, what’s the point? Why go at all? Anyway, my two cents (hell, maybe even my two dollar$!)

    Btw honey, you look great in those photos. Sadly, I have to see them on your website to see them for the first time 🙁

  4. But honey you got to see them in person!! And you even got to see the good parts they don’t on the website… like the cleavage! 😉


    Besides, I knew you’d just make fun of my “gay” glasses! 😉

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