SF Pride ’05

What an amazing day. I’m physically exhausted from all the walking. Thank God we decided the hop the train into the City then take the subway down to the event because there is no way I could have driven home after all that walking…

The best of my pictures can be seen at Flickr by clicking a picture at the top of the page. All of them are here. Some cool shots from the SFGate photographer can be found here.

Such an amazing feeling to be in the midst of THOUSANDS of people who have nothing in mind except the celebration of love and personal freedom. The vibe was fantastic, the people were beautifully eclectic and Marie and I both had a blast. I’m definitely going to make this event next year… except I’ll pay for grandstand seats so we can watch the entire parade with a better view.

6 thoughts on “SF Pride ’05

  1. Oh man.. it sounds like you had an uberly cool time, even with the walking 😛 I wish we had things like that going on here… the only parade I’ve ever seen though is the santa parade. And even then, it’s a pretty sad one 😛
    Oh, and you asked what plug hack I was using (I think it was you anyways, lol) – Im just using one from the main greymatter site 🙂
    Now Im gonna go look at your photos 🙂

  2. I must admit that this is my first time to your site, but it’s easy to say that I’ll be a repeat visitor after just reading the first post. — I really wish I could have been there, and I’m hopeing to take the trip to SF next year once I’m closer to California. If only a portion of our society could see what a celebration of unity and love, I think some of their narrow minds would change. Beautiful photos and beautiful post.

  3. Thanks for the plug Renee!

    About the Pride Parade, I’ve gotten the strangest looks from the girls at work for going to it. They all think that because I’m straight that maybe I shouldn’t care??? I dunno. To me it’s a very worthy cause.

    And seriously, the best vibe/atmosphere I’ve experienced in SUCH a long time.

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