Good Morning…

I love getting to sleep in on Saturday’s. With Cassidy being gone I don’t even have to remember to put cereal on the counter or remember to buy fruit for her to munch on before I get up. Usually she’s up at 9:00AM and grabs something to snack on till we get up at 10:00AM.

This morning at 10:00 SHARP Ben FLEW out of bed and made a beeline for the bathroom. Now, understand that it takes about a full 5 minutes before my mind wakes up enough to have a coherent thought. So when I feel him jump up and run some funny things go through my head…

*Ben jumps out of bed*: OMG Why is the bed moving can you not see that I’m SLEEPING here!!
*watch him run to the bathroom*: Sweet, naked ass… wait, why is he running?? Oh God I hope he’s not sick from the BBQ last night because my stomach is more sensitive than anybody I know and that means that I’M NEXT.
*waits for stomach to start hurting*: Hmmm No, I think I’m okay.
*bathroom door closes but not all the way*: Surely he’s planning on closing the door because I REALLY don’t need to hear this!!!
*bathroom door opens*: False alarm?
*Ben runs out the bedroom door while tying robe around himself*: What the hell is he doing? Do I finally get to start calling him the crazy one in the relationship!? Because he’s gone completely MAD!
*hear’s front door open*: OMG IS THE HOUSE ON FIRE? Did I forget to blow out a candle? I can’t believe the HOUSE IS ON FIRE AND HE JUST LEFT ME HERE!!!
*hears him talking*: Oh, there’s somebody at the door.
*wakes up*: Oh, he had something overnighted to the house! He heard the door knock and ran to get his robe to answer the door.
*Ben walks in bedroom with box in hand*: “I thought you were going crazy! I didn’t know what you were doing and thought maybe the house was on fire and you left me here!!”
*Ben gives me the sweet, caring look*: “No honey, you’re still the crazy one.”
*Me, feeling better*: Okay, come back to bed.

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