Not a winner… BUT NOT A LOSER!

I talked Cameron into playing Life with Cassidy and myself last night. I figured that between the two of us the big people could pull out a victory for sure. Boy oh boy was I wrong. I’ve decieded there shall be no more Life playing in the house until further notice. Meaning: Not till I’m off my period.

In a few minutes Marie and Alexis are picking us up. We are having a Girls Night. Eating at a place that Marie likes and she’s not picked a bad one yet. She said something about picking out food and then cooking it yourself at your table. Sounds interesting. When pregnant people make the restaurant decision you just nod and go along… 😉 After that is Sharkboy & Lavagirl. I keep calling it Nerdboy and Salivagirl, Rockboy & Slimegirl, Boogerboy & Wetgirl, etc. It’s amazing how much this irritates Cassidy and maybe if she’d let me WIN A GAME OF LIFE I’D STOP!!

That’s right folks, I’m the adult.

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