I made Cassidy play Operation tonight instead of Life which is what she wanted to play. Because I was relatively sure that I could beat her since Operation is 99.8% hand eye coordination.

I won. If you ever need a rubber band stretched from your knee to your ankle, call me. If you want to grow old with over $2,000,000 in your retirement fund, call Cassidy.

9 thoughts on “I’M A WINNER!

  1. *laugh* listen to yourself Anna… you beat a 6 year old at Operation

    But I guess its acceptable…she beat YOU at LIFE. 😛

  2. HEY! I had to regain SOME dignity! She didn’t just BEAT me.. when we retired she had 2.5 MILLION DOLLARS to my $900K!!

    You just wait. Your time is coming… 😉

  3. oh.. i expect to be posting along the lines of, “I tried to stop Max from beating up Trey — AGAIN — and just got back from the doctor to treat my broken nose”

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